Always on the cutting edge, The Elements of Entertainment stays ahead of the trends to meet all your entertainment needs.

Why travel to Chicago to be prepared for working in the entertainment industry or for a ladies night out?  You can receive all the everything you need, right here in Chesterton, IN, for a fraction of the cost.

Our dedicated coaches have over 20 years experience in the event planning, photography, painting, acting, fashion, vocal development, image consulting, public speaking, music industry and DJ fields. Their expertise, experience and commitment to clients helps build a successful foundation for your success.

In addition to our classes, our team offers:

Photography Services

Moonshine and Masterpieces Painting Parties

Princess Parties

Ghosthunting Excursions

Tarot Card Readings
Live Entertainment
Event Planning


The Elements of Entertainment always brings a quality and service that is unmatched. With our diverse capabilities we will help you with all of your entertainment needs!


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